Living here

A Day In Your Life at Howe Place

This isn’t about student housing. Howe Place is about student living.

Howe Place Apartments is found in the small, seaside town of New Haven, Connecticut. Here you can go for a walk along the shore line, grab a bite to eat at the food trucks, make your way downtown for some amazing food, or take in the city scenes from the top of East Rock park. Whatever you love to do, you can do it here!

Wake up and walk

New Englanders have a way of waking up and walking. Take a quick stroll down the block to Midpoint Coffee Brewers and grab a fresh cup of coffee in an old vault! On the way there, you will pass by murals painted by Yale University students. Always vibrant, always changing, and always a great way to start your day!

Escape the New England cold

Whatever you need to get your body going, Howe Place Apartments delivers. You can start your day with coffee and breakfast in your own kitchen or one of the great spots near by! There is no hiding it, New England does get cold! That’s why our staff provides coffee all day in the leasing office. Swing by, say hi, and warm up!

Get to school and anywhere any way you want

Just because you’re living off-campus, doesn’t mean campus is far away. When you call Howe Place home, snow storms become the least of your worries. Howe Place Apartments is just a few steps away from Yale University making it quick and easy to still get to class.

Don’t forget we offer bike storage as well! Skip scraping off your car and wheel your bike right out of the door!

pizza SHAKE

Howe Place Apartments is just steps away from everything you could need to satisfy your hunger cravings

Stay home and study

Can’t make it to campus but need to keep up with classes and classmates? Howe Place Apartments is equipped with a strong Wi-Fi connection, so you can stay connected!

Fitness when it fits for you

Got some time after class to get moving? Howe Place Apartments is surrounded by fitness centers that fit you! Whether you’re looking to venture into CrossFit at CrossFit New Haven, Yoga at Breathing Room Yoga Center, kickboxing at Active Wellness, or just spend some time lifting weights at an Edge nearby, when Howe Place Apartments is home, there is always a place for you!

Dinner and downtime

With a day of classes behind you, it’s time to relax and refuel. Your kitchen is equipped with everything you need to prepare a dinner with friends or a cozy meal for yourself. However, if eating out sounds better, walk just a few blocks down for great cuisine from all Nations! Whether you’re looking for authentic Mexican food at Geronimo’s, top of the line ramen from Mecha Noodle Bar, or great New York pizza from BAR, New Haven, Connecticut has everything you could need to satisfy your hunger cravings!

Festival craze in Connecticut

With over 20 festivals in just Spring and Summer alone, you will never be without plans on a Saturday night! Whether you’re looking to see things bloom at the Cherry Blossom Festival, explore new cultures at International Days, watch live music on The Green or celebrate Lunar Festival on the streets of Yale University. When Howe Place is home, New Haven is home, and when New Haven is home, there will always be a festival for you to experience!

Shop 'til you drop

While Howe Place is located just 90 miles from New York and 90 miles from Boston, you don’t have to go that far to find great shops! The Shops at Yale provide over 65 unique boutiques, retailers, and eateries. The Shops at Yale are known for their outdoor events, student discounts, and welcoming environment! Everything you need, is just a few blocks away!

Explore life in New Haven

New Haven, Connecticut is home to East Rock park where you can bike, walk, hike, or drive your way to the peek point! This look out spot located at the top of East Rock allows you to look over the shoreline, city, and hills! Once you’re done roaming around East Rock, make your way over to the food trucks on the shoreline! Walk along the water and listen to the waves as they crash against the New England sound. Whatever you love to do, you can do it here, when you call Howe Place Apartments home.