6 Reasons to Study in New Haven

6 Reasons to Study in New Haven

Here are 6 reasons to love studying at Yale University.

You can get anywhere from here

The Metro North train station provides you a direct connect from New Haven, Connecticut into New York City. Whether you’re looking to fly home for the weekend or just get away, New Haven allows you to get where you need to be, quickly. When you know home is only one train ride and a flight away, you can study and know that those you love are within your reach.

Everyone has someone

Yale University provides the city with a unique demographic. With over 48 countries being represented amongst the student body at Yale University, you are sure to find friends to call home!

The best of both worlds

Most people don’t know this but New Haven, Connecticut is really like living in the best of both worlds. Just a few hours south and you will find yourself walking the shoreline or browsing New York City. Head north just a few hours and you will find yourself in the Catskill mountains of Upstate New York. Whether you’re looking to get away and study for the day or take a weekend to just breathe, studying in New Haven gives you access to the mountains and the beaches within a few hundred miles.

Vibrant city life

New Haven, Connecticut has one of the most vibrant night life’s in Connecticut. Whether you want to work your vocal cords at Karaoke night, grab a beer with friends at Two Brothers, or explore the stores at The Shops at Yale, you will never have an evening without something to do!

Coffee shops galore

There is a long running joke that New Haven has a coffee shop on every corner. Whether you’re looking to lounge near Wooster Square, with local coffee and comfy couches at Koffee. Or, fast pass a grande Mocha Frappuccino at a Starbucks near by New Haven has a study spot for you to call your own!

History all around

New Haven is enriched with history, museums, and art. Whether you’re looking to take a walk through the Peabody library or make the drive over New Haven’s Pearl Harbor Memorial bridge, when you call New Haven home, history lives in your back yard.