5 Part Time Jobs That You Will Actually Enjoy in New Haven

5 Part Time Jobs That You Will Actually Enjoy in New Haven

Here are 5 part time jobs that you will actually enjoy in New Haven, Connecticut.

Dog Walker

With dog walking apps like Rover, being a dog walker in New Haven is easy! Leash someone else’s pup up, walk to grab a cup of coffee, and get paid while doing it! You can enjoy the serenity of the shoreline or the fresh air in the city. As a dog walker in New Haven you can make anywhere from $20 a walk! If you can keep the pup for a night or to, you can make up to $40 a night just by cuddling someone else’s furry friend!

Part time Nanny position

While being a part-time nanny isn’t for everyone, if you have a few consistent hours to spare then this part time job might be for you! With Connecticut being a large commuter city, Nanny positions are a surplus amongst New Englanders. Services like care.com allow you to look for nanny positions near by and see what ones might work best for you! Heads up, nanny positions begin paying at $15.00 an hour! If accountability calls you for a consistent chunk of change then this part time job might be for you!


New Haven is filled with coffee shops on every corner. Whether you’re looking for a sharp, fresh, atmosphere like Fussy Coffee or a more relaxed, homey vibe like Blue State Café, barista positions are a prime way to rake in extra cash!

Uber driver

Driving with Uber in metropolitan cities has been serving as a main source of income for people all over the New England area! The plus side is that you can choose when you want to work. You can drive when you have time and you will never be without a place to go! The downside however is that you just never know where you will end up! This part time position requires flexibility and a go with the flow personality. However, if you’re looking for something to do when you have time and a way to make money during the in-between hours then Uber driving in New Haven is for you!

Yale University

While Yale University might be academically driven the campus provides a ton of opportunities to get students involved! From lab associates to campus writers, part-time jobs at Yale University are always in high-demand. You can visit their website and find a part-time position that works with your schedule!